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The expertise and resources that you need to

Invent Results brings a hands-on consultant partnership that offers personalized growth solutions for your business. We act and integrate WITH you to establish goals, create action plans, and strategically execute the items most aligned with your vision. Whether you're a start-up or an established enterprise, our 40 years of experience and knowledge can help you scale your business to the next level. Let's grow!

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"Invent Results will legitimize and develop your ideas into achievable results. Profits and peace of mind are mine!!"
Nick Castagna 

Meet Mike

Hi I'm Mike Crawford. I'm a consulting integrator and the founder of Invent Results.  I have over 35 years of collective experience in business including operational excellence, engineering, quality assurance, purchasing, customer service, and executive management. My experience is vast and common in that I have always thrived on the integration and execution of visionary goals.

Invent Results is the name I used to define my passion. In the simplest of terms, I help people. I help businesses and entrepreneurs get organized at every level of their business so that they can have the best opportunity to achieve success. No, I don't guarantee success. I can't. Even if I could, I wouldn't. If you want guaranteed success, aim for failure, do nothing and enjoy.

After a three decade career in manufacturing, operations, sales and business management, I decided to move toward my passion and haven’t looked back since.


That’s what I want for you. I want you to realize your passion in the shortest possible time with the best use of your talents. I want you to live your best life. Visualize what you want and ask me how to get there. I have the experience, tenacity and skills necessary to guide you out of the weeds and back into the place that brings you the best opportunity for success.

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"Helping people is the greatest thing on earth!" ~ MC

"I started working with Mike to get out of my own way. He has help me find a true vision of my future."

~ Brett M 


Invent Results offers in-person, virtual, or phone-in meetings. Our goal is to bring you consulting integration second to none by offering personalized solutions tailored to your unique business needs. As entrepreneurs, we've all experienced getting stuck! Where the next steps aren't clear and the problems feel overwhelming. Let us help you get unstuck and moving toward the entrepreneur lifestyle you've always dreamed of. Click below for a list of high-level offerings that fit most client needs. 

Our Process

Our Process

Our process is measurable and results-driven. We help you prioritize areas of improvement that will have a maximum positive impact on your outcomes. We use our extensive business experience to help our clients avoid the typical pitfalls of running and scaling a business.  Streamlining your processes to consistently support your goals and objectives is key. Assessing and re-assessing results ensures that your business, your life, and your future are always in alignment with your ultimate vision of success. 

What we do? We integrate. We literally get in the trenches with you. We get to know you as a person and as an entrepreneur.  We want to know what your dreams and aspirations are so we can help you achieve them. Invent Results assists you in taking tangible steps towards reaching your desired results.  We believe that "Vision without execution is hallucination." ~ T Edison.

How we do it? Founder Mike Crawford has over 3 decades of experience in business operations, executive management, and process engineering. Through one-on-one consulting, he will give you the keys to unlock your full potential. He works closely with his clients to understand what's really important to them and how to make it happen. With his personalized strategic approach, every client has an opportunity to create measurable results for their business. Results that will move their company forward in a substantial and meaningful way

Our network is your network. Invent Results has partnered with experienced and savvy marketers, bankers, attorneys, investors, accountants, and financial minds to bring a full suite of unparalleled resources to our clients. By working with Invent Results, you are automatically plugged into our expansive network of business relationships and have access to the additional tools and support that you need to grow. 

Our guiding ethos...Honest, tenacious, caring, informed, and motivated. This is how we show up for every client. These are the guiding principles that allow us to make a real impact on the lives and businesses of each person that we work with. We gauge our level of personal success by how we help others achieve it. 

When is the right time to start working with Invent Results? 

  • You're looking for greater results.

  • Seeking experienced feedback.

  • Need direction in identifying and executing next best steps.

  • You're lacking the bandwidth for expansion. 

  • Looking for clarity of truth. 

  • Need help problem-solving. 

  • You need access to the right resources and support to grow your business. 


Mike has been great to work with. His expertise and experience have been instrumental in our growth strategy. He has great insight and a down to earth approach at hitting obstacles head on. I absolutely appreciate his attention to detail and really enjoy working with him.

~ Bob Bank

Mike is an amazing mentor. He has a unique way of listening and challenging that is second to none. Within 2 weeks of working with him, just a few hours a week, my business took on a whole new level of systems. The most amazing experience, as the business owner, was the clear headspace I got almost immediately that has allowed me to focus and work on other facets of the company with Mike.

~ Chris Piazza

Michael Crawford has given our company the ability to see things in a whole new way, and identify and solve gaps in our processes we didn't even know existed. Through tireless effort Mike has stood next to us while confronting our companies repeated and biggest demons. With Mike's help we have developed processes, established budgets, increased production time, established and measured  key indicators, revamped our hiring and HR process, established clear and defined employee roles and descriptions, set parameters on sales productivity, we have increased our profits while not expanding overhead and have reached levels I thought would take years in a few short months- 

~ Steve Staley

We are gifted by the guidance and solid skills that Mike has brought to us from Invent Results. Creating a plan of execution with goals and accountability is paramount to the success of our company and therefore the people it represents. Invent Results shows up and empowers us with clarity bringing our individual efforts cohesively together allowing us to grow effectively. Tapping into experience that helps us to make good choices is invaluable. Thanks to Invent Results our priorities and our plan have been put in place to support the strong health of the company presently and forward moving.

~ Kellie Bank

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Let us connect you with our established network of lending and banking professionals. Invent Results will be there for you every step of the way to help your business get the capital it needs to grow. 

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